Assesses an employee’s personality traits, personality type, and preferred team roles. Individual and team-level reports included.

Test duration: up to 30 mins

Report includes

6 personality factors

community, ideas, organization, extroversion, emotions, values

24 personality traits

social boldness, flexibility, ambition, curiosity, tactfulness, enthusiasm, and others

Personality type

based on C. G. Jung’s personality theory

8 team roles

in the project implementation cycle from the ideas stage to formulation, execution and evaluation

More about the test

Approved methodology

UNLOCK Personality combines personality theories by HEXACO, the Big Five, C. G. Jung, M. Belbin, and H. Mintzber. The test has been adapted for use in business by an international team of organizational psychology specialists.

Added value

UNLOCK Personality test provides insight into your own and your employees’ personality traits and dominant team roles. Based on this data, you can build more sustainable and effective teams, avoid miscommunication at work, and give clear guidelines for behavioural change and personal development to your employees.

Areas of appication

  • Staffing, hiring, and recruitment
  • Internal communication
  • Team building and development
  • Internal career planning
  • Talent management
  • Employee motivation
  • Professional development

User groups

Heads of HR
Hiring and recruitment specialists
Talent managers
Department heads
Sales managers
Board members

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