Assesses an employee’s personality traits, personality type, and preferred team roles. Individual and team-level reports included. Test duration: up to 30 minutes

user groups

✓  CEOs

✓  Heads of HR

✓  Hiring and recruitment specialists

✓  Talent managers

✓  Department heads

✓  Sales managers

✓  Board members

Areas of application

✓  Staffing, hiring, and recruitment

✓  Internal communication

✓  Team building and development

✓  Internal career planning

✓  Talent management

✓  Employee motivation

✓  Professional development

Approved methodology

✓  UNLOCK Personality combines personality theories by HEXACO, the Big Five, C. G. Jung, M. Belbin, and H. Mintzberg

✓  UNLOCK Personality has been adapted for use in business by an international team of psychology researchers

✓  100+ organizations have used UNLOCK Personality since 2012

Test utility and ROI

✓  Reduced recruitment costs

✓  Faster recruitment process

✓  Reduced staff turnover

✓  Reliable staff selection

✓  Comprehensive team profile

✓  Effective application of team’s strengths and competencies

✓  Clear guidelines for personal and professional development

✓  Personalized motivational incentives

✓  Evidence-based performance appraisal

Flexible Tool

✓  Suitable for various types of organizations

✓  Test duration: up to 30 minutes

✓  PC / Mac / Android / iOS

Become part of the future of employee assessment