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Personality Test

Assesses an employee’s personality traits, personality type, and preferred team roles. Individual and team-level reports included. Test duration: up to 30 minutes

Icon of group. Unlock Tests user group, to which is recommended to take test and assess the abilities, skills and traits

user groups

✓  CEOs

✓  Heads of HR

✓  Hiring and recruitment specialists

✓  Talent managers

✓  Department heads

✓  Sales managers

✓  Board members

Icon of list. Unlock Tests areas of application

Areas of application

✓  Staffing, hiring, and recruitment

✓  Internal communication

✓  Team building and development

✓  Internal career planning

✓  Talent management

✓  Employee motivation

✓  Professional development

Puzzle icon. Unlock test is flexible and can be adapted to the needs and specifics of your organisation

Flexible Tool

✓  Suitable for various types of organizations

✓  Test duration: up to 30 minutes

✓  PC / Mac / Android / iOS

Rating icon. The Unlock Tests platform provides results, detailed reports and recommendations

Approved methodology

✓  UNLOCK Personality combines personality theories by HEXACO, the Big Five, C. G. Jung, M. Belbin, and H. Mintzberg

✓  UNLOCK Personality has been adapted for use in business by an international team of psychology researchers

✓  100+ organizations have used UNLOCK Personality since 2012

Financial metrics icon. Unlock test's utility and ROI for an organisation that uses the test for employee's assessment and better understanding

Test utility and ROI

✓  Reduced recruitment costs

✓  Faster recruitment process

✓  Reduced staff turnover

✓  Reliable staff selection

✓  Comprehensive team profile

✓  Effective application of team’s strengths and competencies

✓  Clear guidelines for personal and professional development

✓  Personalized motivational incentives

✓  Evidence-based performance appraisal

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