Assesses an employee’s accuracy, attention to detail, and speed of error detection. Test duration: up to 14 minutes.

User Groups


Heads of HR

Hiring and recruitment specialists

Talent managers

Department heads

Sales managers

Marketing heads

Areas of Application

✓  Involving numerical, alphanumeric, or combined information

✓  Relying on an employee’s ability to detect errors in text and random sequences quickly and accurately

✓  Requiring high precision in analyzing, checking, or presenting textual and numerical information

Test Utility and ROI

✓  Attention to detail and thoroughness are critical when the cost of even the smallest mistake is high

✓  Increased reliability of the staff-selection and the staff- evaluation process

✓  Efficient task delegation within a team helps to prevent costly mistakes

Approved Methodology

✓  Developed by a team of psychology researchers following best practices

✓  A large pool of tasks means that the answers are not predictable or learnable in advance

Flexible Tool

✓  Displays an individual’s results in relation to their colleagues’ results

✓  Test duration: up to 14 min.

✓  PC / Mac / Android / iOS

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