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Panoramic 360 Test

Assesses an employee’s personality traits, managerial competencies, and other characteristics from the perspectives of their managers, colleagues, and subordinates, as well as their own.

Icon of group. Unlock Tests user group, to which is recommended to take test and assess the abilities, skills and traits

User Groups


Heads of HR

Talent Managers

Department Heads

Sales Managers

Board Members

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Areas of Application

✓ Performance evaluation

✓  Leadership skills development

✓  Building positive team culture

✓  Career planning

Puzzle icon. Unlock test is flexible and can be adapted to the needs and specifics of your organisation

Flexible Tool

✓ You have full control of the scope of the test

✓ You have full control over which competencies to include

✓ You can add your own set of questions

✓ PC / Mac / Android / iOS

Rating icon. The Unlock Tests platform provides results, detailed reports and recommendations

Report Includes

✓  24 personality traits such as social boldness and flexibility

✓  4 personal values such as simplicity and compliance

✓  5 key managerial competencies: organizational leadership, personal leadership, people performance management, communication, and teamwork

✓  15 managerial sub-competencies such as crisis management, feedback, employee motivation, productivity and capacity to take initiative.

Financial metrics icon. Unlock test's utility and ROI for an organisation that uses the test for employee's assessment and better understanding

Test Utility and ROI

✓  A way to see one’s performance through the eyes of one’s managers, colleagues, and subordinates

✓  A better understanding of managerial competencies assessment

✓  Clear guidelines for behavioral change and personal development

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