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Employee Experience Test

Assesses employees’ job satisfaction, empowerment, loyalty as well as organisational microclimate and culture.

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User Groups


Heads of HR


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Areas of Application

Assessing organizational climate

Employee retention and turnover reduction

Planning changes in the organization

Increasing the organization’s attractiveness

Building positive organizational culture

Puzzle icon. Unlock test is flexible and can be adapted to the needs and specifics of your organisation

Flexible Tool

✓ You have full control of the scope of the test

✓ You have full control over which indicators to include

✓  You can add your own set of questions

✓ PC / Mac / Android / iOS

Rating icon. The Unlock Tests platform provides results, detailed reports and recommendations

Report includes

✓ Job satisfaction data according to criteria such as pay and reward, meaning, tasks, intrinsic motivation, work-life balance and appreciation

✓ Employee empowerment data according to criteria such as career opportunities, training and development, line management, goals and objectives, leadership, areas of responsibility, communication and teamwork, and organizational innovation

✓ Employee satisfaction data on remote and hybrid forms of work, their conditions, communication and efficiency

✓ Employees’ perceived psychological safety and microclimate in the organisation

✓ Employee loyalty data and the eNPS (Employee Net Promoter Score)

✓ Diversity and inclusion data

Financial metrics icon. Unlock test's utility and ROI for an organisation that uses the test for employee's assessment and better understanding

Test Utility and ROI

Analysis of the organisation’s microclimate allows a better assessment of the opportunities for success and the risks associated with planned changes in your organisation

Regular monitoring of the organisational climate allows you to detect and respond more quickly to challenges within the organisation and to make decisions that address the real needs of your employees

Empowered, happy, and highly motivated talent is the key driver of performance and success.

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