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97% clients save time in employee and organizational assessment





* 97% of our clients claim that they save up to 3x of the time they previously spent in searching for the right candidates, recruiting engaged and highly motivated employees, collecting feedback on employee engagement, and designing better career development opportunities within their organization. Company ROI maximization comes from increased productivity due to higher performing employees.

The future of employee assessment is research-powered and team-oriented

UNLOCK Tests brigdes science and practice into a signle tests platform

Regular employee assessment helps businesses to build teams with diversity in mind and to adopt personalized talent management strategies. Research shows that diverse teams are smarter, innovate more, and make better decisions.*

Empowered, happy, and highly motivated talent is the key driver of performance and success.

Our promise

UNLOCK Tests bridges decades of research in management and organizational psychology with real-life knowledge of what works in business. We believe that employee assessment delivers the best results when applied regularly, enabling organizations to leverage data analytics for effective HR decision-making.


Therefore, our digital solution combines:

✓ Multiple tried-and-tested tools for employee and organizational assessment – tailored to the needs of businesses and integrated on a single platform.

✓ A simple, all-inclusive annual subscription plan. One price, unlimited access all year round.

You can start collecting data within minutes and send an unlimited amount of surveys or tests. Use templates validated by research and automatically collect reports with visualized data.


Try out our proven and simple-to-use tools to feel the pulse of your organization.

Multiple assessment tools on a single platform

Stone head as an example of differences in personality, traits, types of people. Employee personality test on the Unlock platform
Logo of Unlock Personality Test that assesses employee's personal traits, personality type and other characteristics

Assesses an employee’s personality traits, personality type, and preferred team roles. Individual and team-level reports included.

People look at the panoramic view - a parallel of the employee's personality and performance, the panoramic test on the Unlock Tests platform
Logo of Unlock Panoramic 360 test that assesses employee's personality and performance appraisal

Assesses an employee’s personality traits, managerial competencies, and other characteristics from the perspectives of their managers, colleagues, and subordinates, as well as their own.

Numbers - Numerical skills indicate a better ability to understand, interpret, evaluate numerical and graphical information in solving problems. Numerical ability test on the Unlock Tests platform
Logo of Unlock Numerical Ability test that assesses employee's numerical ability and skills

Assesses an employee’s ability to understand, interpret, and evaluate numerical and graphical information in problem-solving.

Employees look at a laptop screen for errors – the ability to check for errors is critical when a mistake is costly. Error checking ability test on the Unlock platform
Logo of Unlock Error Checking Ability test that assesses employee's accuracy, attentiveness, error detection

Assesses an employee’s accuracy, attention to detail, and speed of error detection.

A team working together. A test of employee experience, wellness and job satisfaction to empower talent, discover everyone's strengths and match them with tasks that ensure maximum effectiveness and create a positive organizational culture. Unlock the employee experience test.
Logo of Unlock Employee Experience Test that assesses employee's job satisfaction, engagement, loyalty, organisational microclimate and culture

Assesses employees’ job satisfaction, empowerment, loyalty as well as organisational microclimate and culture.

The image of five floating paper boats is an illustrative image of how one leader with the right competencies leads his team forward. Unlock Leadership Test allows to assess leadership styles and leadership skills
Logo of Unlock Leadership Test that assesses employee's leadership styles, leadership skills and traits

Assesses an employee’s leadership styles, flexibility and effectiveness in applying them, and leadership knowledge.

3 easy steps

Demo screen on Unlock Tests platform shows how easy to use the tools - step 1 - choose the test

1. Select a test

Demo screen on Unlock Tests platform shows how easy to use the tools - step 2 - invite employees

2. Invite employees

Demo screen on Unlock Tests platform shows how easy to use the tools - step 3 - get the results

3. Get the results

UNLOCK vs Competitors

Online tool icon. Unlock Tests - online platform

Easy to use online platform

Icon of validation. Unlock Tests only uses scientifically proven and trusted tests for employee's assessment

validated tests

Secure shield icon. Unlock Test platform is secure and GDPR compliant

Secure and GDPR-Compliant

Icon of money management. Unlock Tests offers a competitive annual subscription price

competitive price

Our clients

McDonalds company's logo
Logo of NoFir - fishing and fish farming equipment
Logo of Manpower - HR company
Logo of Emplonet - HR services
Logo of BlueBrigde - IT services
Logo of Caszyme - development of Molecular Tools
Logo of Altechna - custom of laser optics optomechanical assemblies
Logo of Baltoprint - printing house and printing equipment
Logo of Nord Cyber Security - cyber security services
Logo of Mindletic - training of employee wellness and emotional balance
Logo TC group - retailer of household appliances
Logo of Lewben company - business development services
Vytautas Magnus University logo
Trukme - furniture company - logo
Nord security company's logo
Dynatech LV company's logo
Logo of Baltmilk - manufacturer of milk proteins
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Logo of Affidea - health consulting and treatment clinic
Logo of Masterclass Lietuva - experts in finding executive talents
Logo of Lithuania enterprise employment service
Logo of Lithuania Forests state office
Logo of Citadele Bank - financial services
Logo of MTL Carton - printing house
Logo of Naresta company - engineers in construction industry
Logo of SBA group - investment management, real estate group, furniture group, apparel group, services, modular construction

Introducing UNLOCK tools has increased the accuracy and speed of the staff selection process and resulted in reduced staff turnover. We are very pleased with such professional collaboration.


Great results, especially since we can now apply our strengths at different stages of project implementation. This saves a lot of time and enables us to realize our team’s untapped potential! The tests were quick and simple to fill out, the questions were straightforward, and the results surprised me in a good way because they confirmed our previously held intuitions and were presented in a variety of cross-sections.


We are pleased to have discovered UNLOCK assessment tools. Their practical application and the guidance of UNLOCK consultants in choosing the right solutions for us were a perfect fit for our organization and our employees.


Our team

Giedre Lecickiene is the co-founder and CEO of Unlock Tests. She is also a certified personality assessment expert and coach

Giedre Lecickiene

Co-Founder, CEO

Dr. Aiste Krataviciute-Alisauskiene is Co-founder and Head of Business Development of Unlock Tests. Also she is the business consultant in developing performance evaluation systems, competency models, and personalized motivational systems

Dr. Aiste Krataviciute-Alisauskiene

Co-Founder, Head of Business Development

Goda Kaniusonyte is the Head of Research Development of Unlock Tests. She is the visiting researcher at the University of Cambridge, at the University of Oregon (USA) and Griffith University (Australia)

Doc. Dr. Goda Kaniusonyte

Head of Research Development

Inga Truskauskaite is the Unlock Tests quality manager. She is also visiting researcher at Hiroshima and Osaka Prefectural Universities (Japan), Cambridge University (UK), Griffith University (Australia), University of Bologna (Italy)

Dr. Inga Truskauskaite

Quality Manager

Mindaugas Kunevicius is Unlock Tests platform IT developer. He is also creative full-stack developer

Mindaugas Kunevicius

Head of Platform Development

Romualdas Lecickis manages data security services and support of Unlock Tests. He also is experienced in IT management, development of cybersecurity solutions

Romualdas Lecickis

Data Security & GDPR Support

Skaiste Aleksandraviciute is the chief language officer in Unlock Tests. She is experienced in translation and editing, also research and education in Lithuania and Great Britain

Skaiste Aleksandraviciute

Chief Language Officer

Arturas Olsauskas supports Unlock Tests in marketing field. He is experienced in marketing developing and implementing brand strategies

Arturas Olsauskas

Marketing Support

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