Assesses an employee’s ability to understand, interpret, and evaluate numerical and graphical information in problem-solving.

User Groups


Heads of HR

Hiring and recruitment specialists

Talent Managers

Department Heads

Sales Managers

Board Members

Areas of Application

✓ Involving numerical, graphic, logical, and financial information

Relying on the accurate spotting of numerical relationships and patterns

Requiring structured and analytical problem solving

Flexible Tool

Displays an individual’s results in relation to their  colleagues’ results

PC / Mac / Android / iOS


Numerical reasoning skills involved in discovering relationships and patterns between numbers, which are necessary for understanding and interpreting different types of data.

✓  Numerical problem-solving skills used in applying basic mathematical knowledge in problem-solving, which are essential for solving problems in a structured and analytical way

✓  Data interpretation skills used in interpreting, analyzing, and drawing logical conclusions based on facts and figures presented in graphs and tables, which are essential for making informed decisions

Test Utility and ROI

✓  Identifies which employees are best equipped with general numerical skills

✓  Individuals with strong numerical skills cope better with highly complex tasks and are faster and more efficient at internalizing knowledge that requires quantitative thinking

✓  A large pool of tasks means that the answers are not predictable or learnable in advance

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